LeBron James and Lil Wayne: No Longer Enemies

by February 10, 2011

Remember when Weezy lost his mind a few weeks back about the lack of acknowledgement from DWade and LBJ? Yeah, they’re buddies again (or at the very least, willing to be civil around one another.) The Sun-Sentinel reports: “LeBron James and Lil Wayne apparently are back on speaking terms. At least that was the appearance at Tuesday night’s Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers game at AmericanAirlines Arena … Courtside again Tuesday, there was the appearance of a dialogue, or at least acknowledgment from James. ‘That’s a question you need to ask him,’ James said, when asked if they were back on speaking terms. ‘For all the fans that come and watch us play, we just try to do our job and win ballgames.’ James was seen offering a ‘What’s up?’ nod toward the rapper. NBC-6s Adam Kuperstein approached Lil Wayne, an AmericanAirlines Arena regular, to ask if he and James now were cool and received a response of, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah.'”

(H/T: PBT)