Mark Jackson Calls Dwyane Wade the Third Best Shooting Guard Ever

by December 13, 2012

The Golden State Warriors escaped Miami with an unlikely win last night, but not before head coach Mark Jackson paid Heat superstar Dwyane Wade a major compliment. Per the Palm Beach Post: “Mark Jackson is a coach now, and his Warriors have been one of the NBA’s surprises. Recently, he was an analyst, and he still is prone to making grand statements. Asked what Dwyane Wade looks like to him on tape these days, Jackson didn’t hesitate. ‘He’s a guy I love as a basketball fan’ Jackson said. ‘To me, he’s the third-best shooting guard to play the game. People think I’m crazy for saying that. And there’s no disrespect to anybody else. The guy is a winner, he competes, he’s an underrated passer, and we all know he can score the basketball.’ Jackson added — as you’d expect — that he has Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant first and second.”