Miami Knows Nothing of this ‘Pressure’ that You Speak of

Playoff pressure. What Playoff pressure?: “The Heat’s young players don’t lack for confidence. ‘Michael’s probably the most confident guy in the room,’ rookie coach Erik Spoelstra said. At times, Spoelstra has found that self-assurance frustrating, as he’s sought better concentration. But he also finds it ‘fascinating,’ to see how they will handle increasing adversity. Here’s a guess: They’ll be fine. ‘These guys are not afraid to make big plays and take big shots,’ Haslem said. ‘Some guys who are eight, nine or 10 year vets, they run away from those moments.’ Heat fans can probably name a few. Wade’s current teammates, including Mario Chalmers and Daequan Cook? ‘They don’t know pressure. They don’t understand it. So they are going to be loose to play.’ Loose? Beasley wore goggles to the arena Thursday, partly to protect his eye after getting poked Wednesday night, and partly because ‘I just thought with the bush and the goggles, I’d look old school.’ Some thought he looked like former Jazz forward Thurl Bailey, but that name meant nothing to him. Beasley decided that he just looked ‘goofy.'”