Report: Dwyane Wade Also Interested in the LA Clippers

by June 22, 2015

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat’s braintrust are reportedly going to meet in the coming days, and there is much for both sides to discuss.

Pat Riley and the Heat don’t seem prepared to meet the franchise player’s contractual demands; Wade, it should be noted, has left millions on the table the past two free agency periods in order to help Miami build a title contender.

Wade reportedly wants to end his career in Miami, but if things don’t work out, LA (either with the Lakers or the Clippers) could be a possible destination.


Wade has until next Monday to decide on whether he’s going to opt in for next season and earn $16.1 million or become an unrestricted free agent. […] Wade and the Heat sit far apart on their desires; the Heat would prefer for Wade to opt into the deal and Wade would prefer a new, richer and longer-term contract, sources said.


The sides have not formally spoken in some time. They had discussed a new contract for around $10 million per year for up to three years beyond his current deal, sources said. […] Wade, who took a pay cut in 2010 when LeBron James and Chris Bosh signed and again last summer to help make cap space to sign Luol Deng, is interested in a pay raise and not a pay cut.


Wade might have other options if he wants to move on from the Heat. One is the Los Angeles Lakers, who are expected to have ample cap space in July, sources said. […] Wade also is interested in the Los Angeles Clippers, sources said, but they are as limited by their commitments and the salary-cap rules as the Cavs. Getting to the Clippers would take either a massive pay cut or the Heat’s unlikely cooperation in a sign-and-trade.