The Boozer Trade Will Be Slow and Painful

by July 24, 2009

Hell, it might not even happen. At least, not anytime soon: “This just in: Utah is not going to be goosed into doing a Carlos Boozer deal…There’s a good chance Carlos Boozer is the starting power forward for Utah in November, with a slighly overpriced backup in Paul Milsap. Let me say this one more time: Utah is not going to be bullied, rushed or otherwise forced into trading Boozer anywhere. The Jazz is not going to do a deal for a deal’s sake, and certainly isn’t going to do a bad deal. That doesn’t mean Utah isn’t listening to offers (it is) or won’t ultimately get a deal done for Boozer (though Miami will have to do better than combinations featuring Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright; if the first words out of Riles’s mouth aren’t ‘Michael Beasley,’ forget it).”