Top Secret Mission Courtesy of Dwyane Wade

With the season on the horizon, SLAM received a silver, metallic briefcase with the Jordan Brand logo on the outside. What was in there? Just a custom Dwyane Wade iPad with the slogan “Dominate Another Day,” and a little blue envelope with our top secret mission that went along with this gift. That mission was as follows:

Hello informant,

You have been identified as key personnel in Agent D3’s upcoming mission: to bring the prized rings back to Miami. Inside the briefcase, you will find a dossier that contains all the information that you need to know at this time. It is only accessible by entering the unique password which you will find below. Please absorb the enclosed information and disseminate to your contacts as you see fit.

This message will not self-destruct in 30 seconds… but it would be a lot cooler if it did.

If you weren’t sure that this was not going to be your normal NBA season, I think this pretty much confirmed it. On the iPad were several photos and videos from Jordan Brand’s latest campaign with Dwyane Wade. Don’t worry, you can see the videos for yourself here without even getting the custom iPad. Just your typical NBA stuff, right?

Dwyane Wade begins his mission Tuesday, and we will pass along any more top secret information as it comes to us.

Jordan Brand iPad