Will Barton Guarantees National Championship

Will Barton, yes, the same Barton who almost was declared ineligible, guaranteed that Memphis will win the 2011 NCAA National Championship. As the Commercial Appeal reports:  “Will Barton grabbed the microphone from Wesley Witherspoon, thanked the fans who showed up Thursday night for the fourth annual Memphis  ‘High Tops’ party and then issued the words every Tiger basketball fan has wanted to believe since his letter of intent was signed last November. ‘We’re going to win the national championship this year,’ Barton said. ‘I’m guaranteeing it!’ So that settles it, right? Go ahead and call off the Kansas game, cancel the trip to Knoxville, skip the Conference USA schedule and start planning the parade. Or maybe not. But give Josh Pastner this: He’s not telling his players to shut up about their expectations for the 2010-11 season, even though most of them have never won a game or even scored a basket against college-level competition.”