And1 Tai Chi Giveaway

by CAND 1 Tai Chihris O’Leary

I’ve got good news and bad news for you guys.

On Tuesday, there was talk of a contest in the comments of my AND 1 interview. The good news is that we do have a pair of Tai Chis for a lucky reader.

The bad news—I wouldn’t call it bad news, so much as a clarification—is that we’re not giving away the SLAM-themed Tai Chi that was pictured in yesterday’s post. I mean really, if you’ve got a shoe like that would you want to give it away?

What’s up for grabs is a pair of the soon-to-be-released And1 Tai Chi in its red/white/silver makeup. Still a pretty nice pickup, if you ask me.

Hopefully you remember the story I told on Monday about why I retired my pair of Tai Chis. I’m curious as to what your greatest on-court conquests are. So share them with us. Tell me in no more than 200 words about the defining moment of your basketball-playing days. The best true story (note the emphasis on true) will get a pair of Tai Chis shipped out to them the week that the shoe releases on November 12.

I’ll close the comments section on this post at 2am ET Saturday morning. Good luck, everybody.