Bow Wow Says Michael Jordan Threw Away His Reebok Questions

Bow Wow once showed up at Michael Jordan‘s house wearing Allen Iverson‘s kicks. Bad idea.

While guesting on Desus & Mero this week, Bow Wow told the hilarious story of when MJ threw out his Reebok Questions and then replaced them with a pair of Jordans. Starting at 2:00:

“Michael Jordan threw away my Allen Iverson sneakers when I stayed at his house. Me and his son, Marcus Jordan… Every time my tour came through the Chi, I would just stay at their house.


“I went over there with my AIs on, I woke up, and they was gone.


“This is a true story — Mr. Jordan came in there, I was sleeping on the floor of Marcus’ room, Marcus on the bed, whatever.


He kicked me up like, ‘Hey, all y’all wake up.’ I swear to god. (Imitates Jordan holding up a pair of sneakers.) ‘Whose is these? And who has Duke shorts on in my house?’


“I love Duke. I said, Oh, and Marcus looked at me like, ‘Dawg.’


“I was like, Oh, those are mine, Mr. Jordan. He was like, ‘Yeah? I figured.’


“He threw ’em out. ‘Aye yo, get him some Jumpmans now.’”

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