Bow Wow Says Michael Jordan Threw Away His Reebok Questions

by May 11, 2017
michael jordan

Bow Wow once showed up at Michael Jordan‘s house wearing Allen Iverson‘s kicks. Bad idea.

While guesting on Desus & Mero this week, Bow Wow told the hilarious story of when MJ threw out his Reebok Questions and then replaced them with a pair of Jordans. Starting at 2:00:

“Michael Jordan threw away my Allen Iverson sneakers when I stayed at his house. Me and his son, Marcus Jordan… Every time my tour came through the Chi, I would just stay at their house.


“I went over there with my AIs on, I woke up, and they was gone.


“This is a true story — Mr. Jordan came in there, I was sleeping on the floor of Marcus’ room, Marcus on the bed, whatever.


He kicked me up like, ‘Hey, all y’all wake up.’ I swear to god. (Imitates Jordan holding up a pair of sneakers.) ‘Whose is these? And who has Duke shorts on in my house?’


“I love Duke. I said, Oh, and Marcus looked at me like, ‘Dawg.’


“I was like, Oh, those are mine, Mr. Jordan. He was like, ‘Yeah? I figured.’


“He threw ’em out. ‘Aye yo, get him some Jumpmans now.’”

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