by June 26, 2013

Originally published in KICKS 14, 2011…

Sneaker Pimp: Having done KICKS, which debuted in ’98 as a partnership with Nike and quickly grew into the “Sneaker Bible” that every brand wanted to get down with, for 14 years now, we’re so good that we can jump over any hurdle. Normal years, those hurdles just come from the brands, which both make this issue possible with their editorial and advertising support but make completion difficult, with last-second changes to shoe prices, styles, availability, etc.

But the lockout has created whole new sets of challenges. Namely: contradictory messages from the NBA and its teams, as well as the Player’s Association and many of the agents who represent players who belong to it. I’ve been whining about this on Twitter all summer, but here’s my point in print: What hope is there for a resolution of this stupid lockout if there is such little unity among the opposite sides?!

Lucky for you readers out there, it will take a lot more than a lockout and the chaos it causes to throw us off our game. Thankfully, companies are still making dope kicks, and the players we all love are still balling somewhere, whether it’s streetball leagues, overseas or pick-up games at their local gym. Speaking to everything that is still going on, this year’s issue features three different players—Rajon Rondo, Kemba Walker and Monta Ellis—from three different brands, with three very different stories. We trust you’ll love ’em all.


Ben Osborne