Welcome to Masaryk

by February 06, 2012

As Brian Strong puts it, “It’s pretty obvious that the space is amazing, as is the product we’ve shared there. But we’re also trying to change your lifestyle. We can help people become better players, and also just be in better shape. So many people who have come through told me how they hadn’t been in the gym in a while and how stoked they were to be there.”

While it’s the flashy thought of free open runs with your boys that stands out at first about being a Masaryk member, the workout portion of the experience is pretty awesome too. I’ve known the lead trainer Smith (check Daryl out on Twitter and Facebook) for a long time but my initial visit to Masaryk was the first time I’d been put through a work out by him. And let me tell you: it’s not flashy. It’s work—in a very good way. Smith, who will serve as the lead trainer at Masaryk while Nike runs the place, has sessions several at the gym several times a week and is always available to the Masaryk staff for training advice. “I have a lot of history with Nike Basketball, and I’m Nike SPARQ-certified, so I think that’s why they approached me,” he explains. “This is a great opportunity for me to give the full D-Trained workout experience to people who wouldn’t normally get to have it. I’m all about authenticity, and that means hard work, usually in obscurity. I like to provide a soup-to-nuts workout to improve your game, and that’s what I’m doing here at Masaryk.”

There’s a members-only website where Nike will be showing off videos and pictures, while members of the public who want to get a taste should follow Masaryk Basketball on instagram.