Erik Spoelstra on Jimmy Butler: ‘He Can Do Some Things I’ve Never Seen Before’

The Miami Heat are currently sitting atop of the Eastern Conference with a 41-21 record, which now puts them two games above the Bulls for first place.

With a team built around a lot of upcoming players, head coach Eric Spoelstra leans on his superstars, including Jimmy Butler, to make the plays needed to win. Butler is currently averaging 21.7 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.8 assist on the season.

“I don’t dial him back. We have our team rules, and then there’s the Jimmy Butler rules,” Spoelstra said to Brady Hawk. “He can do whatever he wants because he can do some things I’ve never seen before–particularly when he’s on the weak side. The only guy you can compare it to is really when Dwyane [Wade] in his prime, would just be an incredible, instinctual playmaker off the ball. Jimmy can be that guy.”

The Miami Heat will look to extend their five-game winning streak on Wednesday as they matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks.