James Worthy Calls Kyle Kumza, Kevin Durant ‘Prototype’ NBA Players

by March 20, 2018
kyle kuzma kevin durant james worthy

Lakers legend James Worthy says Kyle Kuzma and Kevin Durant are “prototype” players in today’s NBA.

Worthy added that traditional bigs are “almost obsolete” because of their inability to guard players like Kuzma and Durant.

“Kuzma is the prototype. Kevin Durant is the prototype now.

“There’s not even any bigs on the All-Star ballot anymore. You don’t see centers unless they can guard the three or shoot the three. You hardly see them in the fourth quarter. They’ve become almost obsolete.

“We have one that can hit the three, but you also have to go out and be able to guard Durant or Draymond Green. So it’s made the game change a little bit.

“Kuzma fits right in there. He can play two or three positions.”

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