Lil B Accepts Invitation to Open Tryouts For Sixers’ D-League Team

Lil B wants to play in the NBA. He’s spent most of his time over the last year or two cursing James Harden and Kevin Durant, but Lil B wants to actually play in the League. He’s been saying it for years. And this year, it looks like he’s at least going to get a tryout. The Delaware 87ers, D-League affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers, invited The Based God to open tryouts in September, and he of course accepted the challenge.

Check out the Twitter exchange from today:

Back in 2012, The Based God said he’d try out for the Golden State Warriors—and he did, along with a bunch of other random people, including a 76-year-old man—so we full expect to see him in uniform on September 19th. Someone roll the video, please.