Masai Uriji Says Raptors Won’t Tank

by May 09, 2018
masai ujiri raptors tank

After being swept yet again by the Cavs, Raptors president Masai Uriji vowed that the franchise will not tank.

During his season-ending media session, Uriji told reporters the Raptors will focus on developing players internally (starting at 13:43):

“If they want us to break this thing up and start over… What’s the famous word they use? I don’t know if we get fined for using the word tanking.

“No, we’re not doing that here. We’re finding young players. We are going to grow. We are going to win. And that’s what we want to do here.

“However way we are going to develop our players, whether they are our current players or players that are going to become that level of superstar, we will do it.”

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