No Knick Bailout for Eddy Curry

by February 02, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Incredibly enough, this Eddy Curry story continues to become more and more depressing with each passing day. Not only has he had an unfathomably bad year up to this point, but according to a recent report, he had major financial problems dating back to last year.

Unfortunatley, Curry isn’t a major corporation, and the U.S. government wasn’t willing to step in and bail him out. And neither were the Knicks. From the NY Daily News:

Eddy Curry asked the Knicks for an advance of approximately $8 million last year to offset his increasing financial debt.

The Knicks rejected Curry’s bailout package, according to a person close to the troubled center, because the organization considered the amount excessive. The same source says that the Knicks did advance Curry approximately $2 million, which is commonplace in the NBA as long as the player is guaranteed to make double that amount on his existing contract.

The 26-year old Curry is on an indefinite leave of absence from his employer, and it doesn’t appear as though he’ll play again this season.

He’s obviously got a lot of things to figure out before he can worry about playing basketball again.