Wade: No Beef With Spoelstra

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The Miami Heat are in the midst of an ugly five-game losing streak, and currently sit in eighth place as far as Playoff spots are concerned in the Eastern Conference. As you might imagine, Dwyane Wade is less than happy.

Following the Heat’s loss to Chicago on Saturday, Wade made some pointed comments about the team’s offensive execution — comments that seemed to hint that he was less than thrilled with his coach’s schemes. Yesterday, it was time to play the role of peacemaker.

From the Sun-Sentinel:

Two days after complaining the Heat’s offense is too predictable and saying the team should be doing better, guard Dwyane Wade said he doesn’t have an issue with coach Erik Spoelstra. Wade said if anyone thinks he does have a problem with Spoelstra they misconstrued his postgame words after Saturday’s 95-91 loss at Chicago.

“I don’t have a problem with coach at all,” Wade said after Monday’s practice. “Me and him are on one page with each other.” Wade, a six-time All-Star, also said he doesn’t put himself above his teammates. “It says ‘Heat’ on the front,” he said of the team’s jerseys. “It doesn’t say ‘Dwyane Wade.’ t’s not about Spo,” Wade said. “Of course when you’re losing someone is going to find a way to say, ‘Hell is starting in Miami.’ “

Everyone in Miami seems to be in agreement that Wade and Spoelstra have a great relationship, and that this was nothing more than Dwyane venting some of his frustration with his team’s performance, not necessarily just the coach’s play calling.

For his part, Erik Spoelstra says adjustments will be made to the Heat’s rotation at the end of games going forward. It remains to be seen if said changes will be enough to keep (or simply make) Dwyane Wade happy.