WATCH: All Of Zach LaVine’s Dunks From The Dunk Contest

by February 13, 2016

Reigning dunk champ Zach LaVine had his work cut out for him, going up against Magic forward Aaron Gordon in an epic dunk-off.

He began with a familiar, behind-the-back reverse that got a 50 from the judges.

For his second dunk, LaVine caught an alley while jumping from the free-throw line. Somehow, Shaq thought this was a 9 out of 10.

Entering the championship round with Gordon, LaVine caught the ball with one hand and spun home a 360 jam.

Needing a 50 to stay alive, LaVine took off again from the free-throw line.

And then, why not go through the legs and reverse it from behind the hoop?

Gordon got a 47 on his next dunk, opening up a chance for LaVine to win it. He went to the free-throw line for the third time, and again got a 50.

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