Knowledge Is Power

by June 16, 2013

by Ryne Nelson / @slaman10

Tim Duncan, at 37 years old, is playing for his fifth Championship and having one of the finest seasons of his career. Ray Allen, in his 17th season, recently eclipsed the all-time Playoff three-point record. LeBron James, at 28, is already ninth all-time on the post-season scoring list.

The legends of the game achieve so much throughout their career with a commitment to excellence—not just on the court—but in the weight room, on the practice floor and in the kitchen. And they’ve been doing it with information and guidance from the world’s top strength training professionals.

For people not in the League, though, training like a pro has been nothing more than a dream.

But today, that dream became a reality with the launch of Pro Hoop Strength, a website for all people seeking knowledge about basketball strength and conditioning.

“Pro Hoop Strength gives players good, solid information about how they need to be working their bodies out to get better physically for the game of basketball,” says Mike Brungardt, Pro Hoop Strength CEO and former head strength coach of the San Antonio Spurs. “A strength coach’s only purpose in life is to help an athlete get better.”

As of today’s launch, 28 of the 30 NBA strength coaches are involved with Pro Hoop Strength. Their board of experts will be contributing knowledge on a daily basis through features like the Article of the Week, Coaching Spotlight, Player Spotlight and Daily Assist—a quick tips section.

“That’s what makes the site unique—you have all the trainers, most of them regarded as the best basketball strength trainers in the world,” Brungardt says. “You have constant access to their ideas, thoughts and philosophies.

“These coaches will show you how to effectively and safely reach your goals by becoming the strongest, fastest, most agile and well-conditioned version of you that you can become,” Brungardt says.

Pro Hoop Strength is also an excellent repository for tips and information from NBA players themselves. On its marquee scrolling video unit, the website showcases Allen, Duncan, Jrue Holiday, Ricky Rubio and Jeff Green, among others, doing work in the weight room and in the kitchen.

The idea for the website was born three years ago at the Chicago Pre-Draft Combine. At their annual meeting, the NBA’s strength coaches formed a committee to create a website that allows players to “train with the pros who train the pros.” True to its mission, you don’t need to be a professional to benefit from Pro Hoop Strength.

“You don’t have to be a serious player. You could be a weekend warrior or a fan who just wants to improve himself,” Brungardt explains. “A lot the information will help you get healthier and fitter, regardless of your goals.”