Dwyane Wade On NBA’s Final Two-Minute Officiating Reports: ‘I Hate ‘Em’

by November 29, 2016
Dwyane Wade

After closely contested games, the NBA releases an officiating report that assesses all of the whistles and all of the notable non-calls in the final two minutes of regulation. These reports are extremely detailed and thorough.

Dwyane Wade, however, is not a fan of them; and he has not been shy about letting people know. Of course, there are right and wrong calls made throughout the entire game, and Wade doesn’t like the fact that it’s all condensed into a two-minute report. He also believes that what’s done is done, and the league, as well as the teams, should simply move on.

The two-minute report has been a hot topic after the ending to last weeks Kings-Raptors game ended in controversial fashion.

Wade didn’t mince words when talking about the two-minute reports saying that it’s “bad for our game:”


I hate ’em. I hate the two-minute reports. I’ll go on record again saying that. It’s bad for our game to come back with those two-minute reports. Because they come back and they show the imperfectness of our game in two minutes. It’s imperfect the whole game, let’s not just breakdown the [last] two minutes. Players get called out and get fined for saying something to the refs, but the NBA is calling our refs out for making the wrong play or the right play, whatever the case may be.

Wade continued and said that the two-minute report isn’t making any teams or players feel better after the fact:

Let’s just leave it alone. It’s in the game, it’s the call that’s been made on the floor. We’re mad at it then, let’s move on. I hate the two-minute report that comes back and say, ‘Ah, well, they should have called this.’ Well, we lost. It’s not making none of us feel better by saying, ‘See, I told you.’ We lost the game, so I hate ’em. But I’ve said that multiple times.

The future hall of famer ended by saying that the game shouldn’t be viewed under a two-minute microscope considering how much goes on in a four quarter game:

It’s the whole game, it’s not just two minutes. There’s things that affect the game from the beginning of the game that comes back in the [last] two minutes, which is unfortunate, but everyone’s human. Some things you might have said earlier, you might have did earlier comes back and affects you late in the game. And it may come out in the two-minute report that it was the wrong thing. So what? It affected you and you lost.

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