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Video: Deuce Bello Gets Big Air

The Baylor freshman shows off his bunnies.


We all knew Deuce Bello could get up, right? Right. Still, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Playing against the Ontario Revolution during a preseason trip to Toronto, the Baylor Bears ran away with a 103-68 victory, but the highlight of the night was when Bello drove the lane, took a moment to gather himself and then exploded into the air to throw down hard.

It was a beauty. Lucky for us, Baylor had cameras rolling to catch the slam as well as the reaction of the bench. Check the 2:35 mark. And watch again. And again. And again.

After the game, Bello couldn’t hide his smile when asked about the reaction of the Baylor bench, saying, “I ain’t look at ‘em, but I heard. I love my bench.”

Bello’s teammate, guard A.J. Walton, beamed with pride, as though he had been the one with the play of the game. “Deuce is like my little brother,” Walton said. ” I took him under my wing, that’s my young fella. Anytime I see him do something good, I’m always the first one off the bench. When the coaches get on him, I make sure he doesn’t get too down on himself. Just to see him do what he loves to do, it’s amazing.”

As impressed as Walton was, though, he admitted this wasn’t the most impressive thing that Bello has done since becoming a Baylor Bear. “In practice one time, he got a rebound off the ground and he just like 360′d,” Walton said. That was probably the nastiest one I’ve seen.”

While Walton was willing to give Bello props, Pierre Jackson played it cool. “It was OK,” Jackson said with a smile. “He does way more stuff than that. Once he gets past somebody, you better get him before he gets to the key because he’s going to take off and dunk on whoever is under there.

“That’s Deuce Bello for you.”

(words via Holly MacKenzie)

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  • Showtime

    Baylor is gonna make some real noise this year…. their my sleeper team just to much talent. plus look like perry gain some muscle & looks more comfortable on the block.

  • marc

    where was quincy miller at?

  • might better

    lol the slo mo really emphasizes the carry… rightt on

  • ogog

    yea wheres quincy??

  • MooButter

    Quincy didn’t travel with the team to Canada as he is waiting on the NCAA clearing house. Senior forward Quincy Acy (also known as a ferocious dunker) also didn’t play due to a minor injury. @might better You’re crazy.


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