Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 at 9:40 am  |  17 responses

Russell Westbrook Explodes for Monster Dunk Over Al Jefferson (VIDEO)

Damn, Russ.

The OKC Thunder dealt a blow to the Utah Jazz’s Playoff chances with a 90-80 win last night, and to make matters even worse, Russell Westbrook flew over Al Jefferson for an insane finish.

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  • Anthony Dixon



    good lord. stop it russell

  • http://twitter.com/stepfdelaghetto Stepfan Raiford

    This man dunks with so much hate in his heart. sheesh. So violent.

  • scott

    My Jazz made the hi-lite reel…. great. =/

  • RayJr

    Russ took off pretty far wow. Also, even though you put your arm down Al, that still counts as getting dunked on.

  • analfissures

    Damn announcer ruins it by acting like he just hit a jumper, no excitement in his voice whatsoever.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    gaaaaaawd daaaaaaaamn russ!

  • TBRK

    Gordon Hayward…thats not how you defend Russell Westbrook off a pick and roll

  • ucla_rw0

    All this talk about Rose better than Westy.. I’ll take Westy any day over Rose.

    1) more explosive

    2) similar shooting range

    3) better defender

    ESPN just ranked him as the 4th best player behind lebron, durant, cp3 and kobe

  • ucla_rw0

    oh yeah, forgot to mention, he’s not injury prone


    … & i’m lovin it

  • LP

    VERY VERY VERY Convenient for you to say this now that Rose is out!!!!!! Stop it. I hope you’re not taking ESPN rankings as the bible, bro…. NOT more explosive, either. OH How quickly we forget!!!!!!!!! Rose was banged up last year, thats it….hes been pretty healthy all previous years…obviously missed this entire year because the ACL (Jordan missed almost a whole year, so does this mean he was injury prone?) and Westbrook has played every game of his entire career, ANYBODY is injury prone compared to him…….

    not even mentioning the MVP also…just throwing that in there…

  • ucla_rw0

    Being objective.. MVP doesn’t mean anything. Heck all those yrs Nash won the MVP but it shoulda been shack. MVP is a popularity contest. If Westy was on the Bulls, he’d be doing so much more b/c that would be ‘his’ team. On the Thunder he doesn’t have to do it all with the man child Durant by his side.

    Both are good but Westy is the better player b/c he’s the more complete player. He plays defense, rebounds, shares the rock. I’m just sayin..

  • LP

    “I think I have to give you a reminder, here it is:……”

    Stop. Anybody, any exec will tell you they rather take Rose over westbrook. What happened was You saw that ECF series vs. MIAMI and now you think Rose is selfish and doesn’t “share”…. when in reality, he had to shoot a high volume to have a chance…. If Rose played with Durant, Durant would avg 36. BUT HE DOESNT, so Durant takes the a lesser amount of shots than Westbrook. I like westbrook, but Rose is better… You gotta see Rose play more, refresh your memory….

    And I didn’t base my convo on MVps because they apparently don’t mean anything. RIGHT? All MVPs deserve their reward and they mean something.

  • ya ok

    being objective with the name UCLA?! gtfoh

  • Nigel Mitchell


  • Nigel Mitchell

    And he has this guy named Kevin Durant on his team