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Dwight Howard is Mad at His Team, Again

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Every few weeks, the Orlando Magic seem to suffer a demoralizing loss, which is then followed up by Dwight Howard publicly voicing his displeasure with the team’s performance. If he’s not unhappy with a lack of touches, it’s an issue with the team’s defense, or even worse, its collective effort.

Of course, given the precarious and uncertain nature of Dwight’s future in Orlando, his frustration grows to become a larger issue each time he opens his mouth. Last night, Howard was again very angry, after the Magic’s home loss to the hapless Sacramento Kings.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

He exploded on his team during a timeout in the second quarter. He harped on his team in almost every huddle. Even between whistles he’d bark words at his teammates. After the game, Howard was tired of talking. “I’ve said everything there is to say,” said Howard. “That’s it. I’ve talked every timeout, when we’re in the huddle, in the locker room… What, you want me to Tweet about it? I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do as a leader.”

“If guys don’t want to play, they’ve got to sit down,” Howard said. “We just can’t have guys or anybody out there not playing hard. Everybody on the team has to step up and play hard,” he said. “I’m not singling anybody out; I’m not calling anybody out. But as a team, if we don’t play hard we’re going to lose every night.”

Teams like the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz have recently shown what happens when a star player’s frustration gets to be too much, a message that has not been lost on the fans and media in Orlando.

As the Orlando Magic continue to slip in the standings — with their hope of winning a title looking less and less realistic — the job of convincing Dwight Howard that he should stick around for the long haul will only become that much tougher.

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    You really should tweet your complaints, Dwight. Solidify your bit*hness for all twatters to read.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Stepfan

    The Magic are not contenders and Dwight is leaving the Magic once his contract is up. LA bound?

  • http://google c_cantrell

    sh*t id be pissed too

  • Charles

    The Russian billionaire laughing to himself about this one…

  • Hambone

    Hope you can take the critsizim when your making shaq look like ray Allen from the line


    Why would he go to L.A. and play with an old Kobe when he can get the maximum amount of money in NJ playing along with a young stud like Williams

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jahmai

    This is gettin stupid, every star is going to leave and team up, I swear to god, I’m certain Dwight Howard leaves Orlando, CP3 will leave NO, even Blake on Jimmy Kimmel didn’t want to say he’d stay with the clippers, I mean c’mon, he’s already thinking about going. Drose is the only guy I hear saying he never wants to leave Chicago, don’t get me wrong, players have every right to leave, because owners dump them all the team, but now it just feels like everybody thinks, I’ve got to team-up.

  • rob

    Because with 2 superstars, all the criticisms wont just hit one player if theyre failing and besides if dwight had 1 competent player alongside him maybe he wouldnt have these kind of frustrations as they would be winning

  • Ali

    The most happy go lucky, dancing, wise cracking big man in the league, decides to call out teammates. Imagine that!

  • benno

    I’d say he’s jersey bound!!!
    But if i have to blame anyone for all the superstars trying to team up, the i blame lequeen and the free masons!!!

  • Fab-5 Elite

    I really doubt he staying in Orlando. If anything, he probably going to NJ with D-Will now there. The question is who’s next up to leave their team besides CP3???

  • Riggs

    @Ali: with the averages he’s posting, he can call out whoever the hell he wants.

  • http://bashmo_4@hotmail.com bashmo

    Well when you think about it the Celtics started this whole big three thing in this era of the nba. By acquiring all these players and winning a championship in their first year together, obviously CB, Lebron and Wade felt they can accomplish the same. And as a result of that, players like Melo and Amare are figuring why not do it as well. As for Dwight, if he leaves Orlando in 2012, I can’t really blame him too much. After going to the finals 2 seasons ago, and the ECF just last season, its clear orlando hasn’t progressed as a contender at this point, and if he feels they’ve got nothing in the tank, he’ll jet.

  • orl.chris

    The Magic need Chris Paul. And a SF that plays D. Course with all the bad contracts on our team we’ll probably never get them now. We’re screwed.

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrob

    hahahaa dwight thinks he leads the team but tbh he doesnt do that much I feel like he thinks that he is a legend


    no benno Leking did not start that. Blame the 80′s Celtics and Lakers. Blame Garnett and Ray Allen.

  • T-Money

    When you go hard for 31-17 and nobody else shows up, you can say what the eff you want to. He clearly sees that his team is now 4th best in the East and he’s not happy about it. Why should he be?

  • Ali

    @Riggs. Feel you on his game, and I’m cool with letting your voice be heard on the sidelines during the game (shi* he is the Captain afterall), but leave it there, the sidelines and lockeroom. F*** the media…

  • T-Money

    There’s nobody to blame. You need multiple superstars to have a shot at a title, that’s just the nature of a sport where you only play 5 guys at a time and your best guys can play almost the whole game. A team with 2 superstars and 3 mediocre players will beat a team with 5 very good players. Just ask Portland back then when they always got their as–s kicked by Kobe and Shaq.

  • Riggs

    sometimes the media is a good tool to use. Sometimes though.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    more Brandon Bass

  • Ali

    @Riggs Whatever happend to the days of getting on your teammate(s) a**, man to man, face to face, say your peace and move on. No hurt feeling, nobody mad, that just the way it was. I don’t like this give the media a statement shi*. Keep your shi* in house.

  • http://twincityslim@yahoo.com Jahi

    Dwight Howard to the Clippers.

  • http://jooo Max

    I hope he goes to OKC

  • http://www.twitter.com/chris_griff_3 Chris_Griff_3

    Jahi: Blake Griffin is better than Dwight Howard.

  • bryan904

    magic players are average. thats the problem. when ryan anderson and jj redick are who u depend on at crunch time your doom. there good players and can help u win but shouldnt be your closers. nor brandon bass.to me the only 3 are howard,maybe turk, maybe jrich, only because jrich and turk proven themselves in tough playoff situations. we need stephen jackson and gerald wallace if we want a chance this year.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    can yal imagine how unstoppable okc would be if dwight ends up with them?

  • Drew

    Dwight Howard is LA bound for sure, and to whoever was asking why he would to play with old Kobe. Are you forgetting this is the LA Lakers? They always get superstars one way or another. So trust it will not just be Dwight and old Kobe. You forget they still have Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Bynum, and Artest to trade if they have to for another superstar.

  • JTaylor21

    Stop complaining DHow, no one cares. There’s no way Hakeem, Deke, DRob or any other great defensive center would be crying about their teammates lack of D, they would step their game up and block even more shots. I guess it’s the time we are living in, where the supposedly best defensive big man avg. 2.1 freaking blocks. Bill Russell’s rolling over in his grave.

  • MikeC.

    @JTaylor – Some of those dudes probably did whine to the media. The only difference between then and now, is that back then, their rant would have been a small blurb in the local paper’s sport section and not all over international websites. It’s the constant exposure and recycling of news that makes guys look like huge divas today. Pro atheletes have always been divas with huge egos. We just get it shoved in our faces way more now, so we notice.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Howard learn to whine about his teammates to the media from Stan Van Gundy.

  • All Day

    I don’t understand Howard. You see him on the courrt before a game laughing and joking around with teammates on the bench and with announcers sitting courtside, but then he gets mad at his teammates for losing to the Kings due to lack of defense. Maybe his team would play with more intensity if he wasn’t such a “court” jester!

  • All Day

    Let the Dwight Howard trade/free agency rumors begin!

  • Matt

    Maybe his team mates are tired of him completely sucking at free throws.

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ speedy

    CoSign Ali and All Day.

  • EtheKnickFan

    Send that bum howard to the knicks. oh yeah n RIP Troy “escalade” Jackson

  • LA Huey

    I hope Dwight goes to LA just to piss off Shaq for biting him again.
    And even as a Seattlite, I gotta admit it’d be real nice to see Blake go home and team up with Durant and Westbrook.

  • paul

    What makes all this ganging together of superstars so damn annoying is that it’s the usual thing where one team succeeds with something and then everyone else tries to do the same thing. How can these people be such lemmings? Each championship team reflects a unique situation. I’m not commenting on Howard specifically. Who can say whether he should stay or go? I just wish teams would stop replicating the Celtics ‘formula’. Heck, the Cs themselves should stop trying to do that. They have been making rumblings about wanting Howard. To me, that’s a little like going to a dance and wishing you were dancing with the prom queen, when a very lovely person whom you connect with very well is by your side wanting to dance with you. The Cs already have Kendrick Perkins, who maybe doesn’t accomplish as much as Howard does, who maybe isn’t Superman, but who seems to be loaded with intangibles that Howard may not have.

    The coming together of the Celtics’ Big Three was a unique moment in basketball history, which had a lot to do with the particular circumstances of those three people, and their personal experiences as NBA players, and the history of the Celtics franchise — and let’s not forget that it had not a little to do with talent the Cs had developed the old-fashioned way — finding someone, believing in them, sticking with them. Every great team has its own story. Finding/creating that story is the challenge of players and gms.

  • paul

    Ok, well, now the Cs have traded Perkins, so I guess they DID get big eyes at the dance after all!

  • Jose

    Dwight will end up in New jersey will D-will and Lopez will probably get traded for Solid 2-guard or 3 man (Iggy from Philly anyone?)

  • http://www.slamonline.com The Ambassador

    Dwight pack your bags L.A. is waiting for you!!!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    It’ll be Brooklyn or LA for Dwight.
    The Nets want to one day build around Dwight and DWill.

  • LA Huey

    cosign Enigmatic

  • el_larsen

    not a magic fan but…i hope he don’ t ask for a trade to join another big f**king 3!!!!!!!!
    can someone stay on his team please!and try to win like a man

  • el_larsen

    hope he doesn’t ask for a trade to form another f**king big 3!!
    can someone stay on his teAm please !!!!and try to win by himself!!

  • el_larsen

    can nba superstars commits to their teams please!
    at least until they ‘re 30

  • el_larsen

    @paul 3:10,i totally agree!

  • Al

    This is now the league of sulking, complaining, fire the coach, I want outta here, gimme more money, get rid of this guy, hire that one ‘superstars’. Unfortunately, it isn’t power to the people, power to the union, ‘ain’t gonna work on the farm no more’ solidarity against exploitative owners, no matter how much they might make it out as this: it’s everybody out for themselves. Interesting how little talk there is amongst this bunch little concern or solidarity about the great and not-so-great players who, in retirement, lost mobility, families and, in some instances lives.

    Too bad – Kareem…. Bill …. Jerry … Oscar …. Willis … Robinson … Hakeem … Duncan – class acts all in an era before the NBA became a bad combination of Wall Street/Morgan Stanley/MTV. Gimme a break: and hope that the few humble and focused stars (Durant, Westbrook, Manu, Chris Paul) don’t turn into jerks as well.

  • D12FSU

    Bostons Big 3 was understandable. KG and allen were 2 loyal aging superstars who never asked to get traded, but their owners knew they were rebuilding and did right by them to trade them….But now with Howard, I believe the only scenario he stays is this: next season the Hornets get off to a crappy start, CP3 pulls a Melo and says hes not coming back. Orlando gives NO an godfather offer of Nelson/JJ/Bass or Anderson/ role player x / 1st round picks in exchange for CP3 and big contract guy x. CP3 falls in love with playing next to Dwight, the 2 are happy and both stay in orlando….i will now wake up from my dream