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Baylor Forward Quincy Miller to Enter NBA Draft

After initially deciding to return to school, Baylor forward Quincy Miller today announced he will forgo his sophomore season and instead declare for the NBA Draft, making him the first one-and-done player in Baylor history. Yahoo’s Marc J. Spears broke the story, and has the details: “The Co-Big 12 Conference Player of the Year averaged 10.6 points and 4.9 rebounds in 37 games. Miller actually said on April 10 that he would return to Baylor, but after further deliberation he changed his mind. One NBA scout believes he can be drafted as high as 15 … Quincy Miller tells @Yahoo Sports about changing mind to leave Baylor: ‘I apologize if I excited too many people, but I feel like this is the best move for me. I love Baylor so much. I love the campus. I love the university. I love everything about Baylor. But I think for myself right now this was best for me.’”

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  • cbb_fanatic

    Wow…dont’ know what to say. I like Quincy Miller, but I know Baylor is going to be sad to see him go but wish the best for him (besides they have a lot of great recruits coming in so they still will be a team on the radar). He’s done good at Baylor and if Andre Drummond (who has a similar ppg stat) and some of the other “skinny” recruits are going high on the draft boards, there is NO reason he shouldn’t be up there. Congratulations Quincy!!!

  • Charles

    Stay another year son. Put on some weight.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Wow, didn’t expect that! If the Raptors can somehow trade their 2 secound round picks for another first round pick I hope they take Quincy Miller!

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Wishful thinking though =P

  • thomas

    “The Co-Big 12 Conference Player of the Year”


  • Ethan

    Bad idea

  • T-Money

    How is it a bad idea if he’s going to be a lottery pick? Especially when you factor in that Baylor is a very weak program re player development (see Perry Jones). I don’t think he’ll ever be a star in the L but that has nothing to do with how many years he’ll spend in college – he just doesn’t have the first step and explosiveness of elite 3s.

  • BlackStar

    I never had a chance to see him play much at Baylor. How did he do there? From what I saw of his high school highlights, I see him being a Lamar Odom type of player … Talented, but never putting it all together.

  • greg

    his knee injury took quite a bit off him and he clearly hasnt fully recovered. that being said if he waited a year it would be better for him but, rich is rich imo so go the nba and live your dream

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    thomas, my thought exactly, must be a typo, maybe co-freshman of the year. he could use another, specially after the knee injury in HS, but with the mess at baylor i see why he is leaving

  • Brad09

    dosent seem like anyone on the board has seen him play, baylors best player by far. Didnt play enough because of drew, also did not get the ball. Of course he is comming off the acl that might have changed his career bt still a pretty safe first round pick.

  • Brad09

    dosent seem like anyone on the board has seen him play, baylors best player by far. Didnt play enough because of drew, also did not get the ball. Of course he is comming off the acl that might have changed his career bt still a pretty safe first round pick.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    How about that Baylor is about to get in a heap of trouble for breaking scouting rules. Maybe that their season might now count and they might not be eligible for the tournament next season has something to do with him choosing a meaning NBA career where you get paid over a potentially meaningless season at baylor where you don’t get paid and risking hurting your professional future……MAYBE

  • Fite

    to clear up some misinformation. The “mess at Baylor” is resolved. Baylor got a speeding ticket. The NCAA looked at 900,000 + calls and found a fraction of those impermissible or not logged properly. Pretty boring stuff. Baylor got probation for not logging those calls properly. NCAA has finished investigating. There is no uncertainty there so this had nothing to do with that.

    Quincy Miller has a lot of talent- and I wish him the best. And I think this might be a good decision if he was assured he would be a first rounder. Guaranteed money and you can work on your game year round without school work as a distraction.

    Baylor seems to develop players just fine. Perry Jones averaged 12 and 8 as a senior in high school. Those numbers improved in college. I don’t think it would have mattered what jersey he wore- it is what it is. Ekpe Udoh went from a 6 pt 5 reb sophomore at Michigan to 14 pts; 10 reb; 4 blks as a junior at Baylor. And a #6 lottery pick. Looks like development to my untrained eyes. Maybe I’m missing something the “experts” are seeing though- enlighten me.

  • Aamir K.

    @thomas I think they mean the Big 12 Freshman of the Year

  • GanjahLuv

    Can you say NBAD?

  • http://Slamonline.com Kevin Durant’s Backpack

    My mock draft:
    1. Anthony Davis
    2. Michael Kidd gilchrest
    3. Terrence jones
    4. Marquis Teague
    5. Doron lamb


    So, most of the commentors haven’t seen my guy in action, but say he need another year. C’mon yall!!! ALL these first round 11 down recruits can’t all be busts. QMiller had great games and flowed with his team. Dude is unselfish, keep his head, and balled out (especially in those games against Missouri). And by the way, he aint the only skinny or “undersized” dude in the draft. Man…I can’t wait to see who the Rookie of the Year for next season gone be!!!!!


    BTW @KEVIN DURANT’S BACKPACK—–> LOL. I like those draft prospects!!! I tried to tell folks them boys was coming for that champ but nobody believed, so they MADE believers. But it can’t go that way; you know Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond, and Bradley Beal are up in that Top 5 mix.

  • englishguy

    quincy miller against Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce or Kevin Durant?… quincy is good but he’s not THAT good