Baylor’s LaceDarius Dunn Suspended Indefinitely

Baylor star and potential Big 12 Player of the Year LaceDarius Dunn is facing an aggravated assault charge accusing him of breaking his longtime girlfriend’s jaw during an argument last week. Oddly, Dunn’s girlfriend and father seem apt to drop all charges. From “Lacharlesia Edwards, 21, suffered a fractured jaw after what policed called an argument in which the 23-year-old Dunn punched Edwards in the face. However, Edwards’ father, told on Tuesday that the incident was an accident. ‘She said it was an accident,’ Charles Edwards told ‘She said she sneaked up on him in the dark and he hit her by mistake. It wasn’t a fight at all.’ ‘She doesn’t want to press charges or anything like that,’ he added. ‘She’s torn up now that he’s been arrested.’ Charles Edwards said his daughter and Dunn have been dating since junior high school and have a 3-year-old son, Dillion, together. ‘I’ve known him for a while and was hearing nasty things, so I drove down from Monroe, Louisiana to Dallas to find out,’ he said. ‘I knew it was out of character, so I wanted to see for myself.’ ‘My daughter is much better,’ Edwards added. ‘She’s fine. She and I really both thought this had already been dropped.’ Baylor put out a statement following Dunn’s arrest on Tuesday that he has been suspended indefinitely from all team activities while the school continues to ‘gather all the facts surrounding this incident.’”