VILLA x Fabolous ‘Watch Me Ball’ Collection (KICKS)

Our friends at VILLA recently welcomed Fabolous into their movement. Above are images of the first pack in the brand x rapper’s collaboration which releases at VILLA and on Thursday, December 17.

You might recognize a couple of the basketball jerseys included, which commemorate some of the most famous basketball movie moments in film history. Each jersey retails for $100 and is available from S (40) through XXL (56). Read more details below.

Through this collaboration, Fabolous will be the face of a new apparel line designed, produced and sold at VILLA stores around the country and Fans can anticipate VILLA and Fab to draw on key moments from pop culture history throughout the last century to deliver an authoritative and authentic take on a new narrative to fashion.


Fabolous’ unmatchable and progressive style sense combined with VILLA’s commanding presence in the community and digital retail space allowed for both sides to come together on a creative marriage formed to offer the consumer new lifestyle trends. Fabolous will take lead in selecting and curating exclusive apparel pieces for VILLA. These items will cover a vast array of occasions including but not limited to movies, sports, history, television, music and more.