Carlos Boozer Says Roy Hibbert Was ‘Soft As Tissue Paper’

Carlos Boozer explained why he never liked former Pacers center Roy Hibbert, who Boozer says “walked around like he was Patrick Ewing from Georgetown.”

On the latest episode of the HOLDAT podcast, Boozer called the 7-1 Hibbert “soft as tissue paper.”

“The guy throughout my career that I just really didn’t fuck with is Roy Hibbert from Indiana. I just never liked this dude. He walked around like he was Patrick Ewing from Georgetown.

“I remember one time when they do introductions before the game, he had his hands all raised up like he wanted more love from the fans. I was like, you’re the same dude that I watched play against the Miami Heat, and then got no rebounds. How you 7-1 with no rebounds and you play 35 minutes a night?

“I didn’t like that dude, so I elbowed him on purpose just to let him know, Yo, you ain’t that nice. I’ve played against a lot better players than you. My boy Joakim Noah is smacking you up and down the court, left and right.

“So, Roy Hibbert, shout out to you because you soft as tissue paper boy.”

Carlos Boozer on Roy Hibbert: ‘We All Know He’s Not a Tough Guy’