Miami Heat: Salary Cap Space 2020

We’ve summarized what Miami Heat fans can expect from their squad in terms of salary cap space this offseason. Below you’ll find lists of the players expected back on the roster, the team’s potential free agents and a number of insights about questions the franchise will face before the 2021 campaign.

In addition to a summary for each of the 30 teams (accessible in the link grid below), we’ve also tiered the top NBA free agents league-wide and published a general comparison of all teams’ cap space. Follow @SLAMnewswire on Twitter for constant offseason updates as we head into free agency.

Projected Roster Players

Bam Adebayo$5,115,492Guaranteed
Jimmy Butler$34,379,100Guaranteed
Tyler Herro$3,822,240Guaranteed
Andre Iguodala$15,000,000Guaranteed
Kendrick Nunn$1,663,861Non-Guaranteed
KZ Okpala$1,517,981Guaranteed
Kelly Olynyk$12,598,243UFA, PO
Duncan Robinson$1,663,861Non-Guaranteed
Chris Silva$1,517,981Guaranteed

Projected Free Agents


Projected Dead Money

Ryan Anderson$5,214,583
A.J. Hammons$350,087

Projected Renouncements/Waivers

Kyle AlexanderUFA – No Qualifying Offer, Renounced
Luke BabbittUFA – Renounced
Jae CrowderUFA – Renounced
Goran DragicUFA – Renounced
Udonis HaslemUFA – Renounced
Solomon HillUFA – Renounced
Derrick Jones Jr.UFA – Renounced
Meyers LeonardUFA – Renounced
Jordan MickeyUFA – Renounced
Gabe VincentUFA – No, Qualifying Offer, Renounced
Dwyane WadeUFA – Renounced

2020 NBA Draft Picks

2020 Pick #20$2,582,160

Exceptions Available

  • Room Exception – $4,767,000

Key Offseason Decisions

  • Will the Heat stay over the cap or go under? Miami projects to get to about $22M in cap space this summer if they choose to that route. The other option is to stay over the cap and retain most of their own free agents.
  • How much does planning for the 2021 offseason factor into the 2020 offseason? Miami is positioned to go big game hunting in 2021. The market will be filled with superstars and stars. Expect the Heat to be conservative this offseason, in order to retain flexibility for next year.

Projected Team Salary


Expect the Heat to initially stay over the cap, but to dip under if an unexpected player or deal comes their way. Either way, look for Miami to re-sign Goran Dragic, and possibly Jae Crowder, to bigger than expected contracts, but for only one year. That way, the Heat can overpay both players as a form upfront payment now, for more team-friendly deals down the line. That will allow Miami to have them next year, while maintaining flexibility moving forward. (@KeithSmithNBA)

Cap Space Forecast

$21,917,791 (4th out of 30)

Team Salary Cap Outlooks

New YorkDetroitMiami
DenverGolden StateDallas
MinnesotaLA ClippersMemphis
Oklahoma LA LakersNew Orleans
UtahSacramentoSan Antonio