The SLAM #ThemHands Hall of Fame: Kenyon Martin

It’s 2004. The Denver Nuggets are holding an open gym before the season starts.

Kenyon Martin, who has just recently joined the team, is matched up with Nene. Things are getting a little chippy. Martin issues a warning. Nene disregards it, throwing a forearm towards Martin’s head.

In response, K-Mart hits his new teammate with what he later called a “one-hitter-quitter” on Chris Broussard’s podcast.

He knocks Nene so hard that the Nuggets think their starting power forward has suffered a broken orbital bone.

The message was clear: Don’t test Kenyon Martin. Those who chose not to heed that message during Martin’s career (…Corey Maggette) were introduced to #ThemHands.

Which brings us here.

Kenyon is the fourth inductee into The SLAM #ThemHands Hall of Fame, joining Charles Oakley, Tracy McGrady, and Jerry Stackhouse:

Congrats to K-Mart on the honor!

Stay tuned for more entries and remember to keep #ThemHands ready.

“#ThemHands” is defined by Webster’s dictionary as the exchange of punches during an altercation in an NBA game, or the preparedness to do so should the moment require such generosity.

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