Box Busters: 1993-94 Skybox Premium, Series 2 (PHOTOS)

After a little bit of a hiatus we’re back with another Box Busters.

This time we break open a box of 1993-94 Skybox Premium, Series 2.

David Robinson is on the cover of the box and the packs are a beautiful silver foil.

The odds of pulling inserts are as follows:

Shaq Talk – 1:36

Thunder and Lightning – 1:12

1993 NBA Draft Picks – 1:12

ShowDown Series – 1:6

Dynamic Dunks – 1:36

Some of the pulls include a bunch of CHANGING FACES cards with rookies and free agents, a Shaq Talk insert, a Dynamic Dunks Charles Barkley, and Penny and C-Webb NBA Draft Picks inserts.

There aren’t many stars in the Series 2 base set, but the rookies include Penny, C-Webb, Kukoc, Allan Houston, Vin Baker, Nick Van Exel and Jamal Mashburn.

The ShowDown Series has some great match-ups from the ’90s with Magic vs Bird, Kemp vs The Mailman and Clyde the Glide vs MJ.

My favorite part of this box is the poster cards. There are some true gems, with my favorite being the Pippen, Kemp and Shaq posters.

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