Box Busters: 1995-96 Topps Basketball, Series 1

It’s been a while since we last did a Box Busters, but we’re back with a box of 1995-1996 Topps Basketball, Series 1. Utah Jazz legend John Stockton graces the front of the box, which includes 36 packs.

The 1995-96 season was of course the prime of Michael Jordan’s career. Since this is a Series 1 box, there were no rookies. I did, however, pull cards of my favorite trio of rookies from previous season: Glenn Robinson, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill.

There were a ton of “Leaders” cards that seemed to be at least one per pack that showcased the league leader in different categories. Mostly superstars on this front with my favorite set being the scoring cards featuring MJ, Shaq, The Admiral, Hakeem and the Mailman.

Also during the ’95-96 season, the Grizzles and Raptors came into the League as expansion teams, so they had a subset of players on those teams, most notably Greg Anthony and John Salley as seen above.

I also pulled two 1995 NBA Draft redemption cards (1:18) that if I would have sent them in 20 years ago would have received cards of the No. 2 pick Antonio McDyess and the No. 19 pick Randolph Childress.

I got lucky and pulled two “Showstoppers” inserts (1:24) that just happened to be two of my favorite players in MJ and Jason Kidd.

My favorite card just happened to be the toughest pull at 1:36 packs and it was the “Whiz Kids” Penny Hardaway card.