Reggie Bullock Health Concern Has Ripple Effect On Marcus Morris’ Free Agency Plans

Update #1, July 11, 7:50 pm: The Knicks have agreed to a one-year, $15 million deal with Marcus Morris.They’ll have a $4.8 million exception available for Reggie Bullock, Ian Begley of SportsNet New York reports.

Reggie Bullock and the New York Knicks agreed on a two-year, $21 million pact shortly after free agency began last week but complications have arisen, causing a ripple effect on sought after forward Marcus Morris and two teams’ free agency plans.

As Ian Begley of SportsNet New York reports, an unspecified medical uncertainty that the franchise just learned about has the Knicks eager to restructure their agreement with Bullock. Originally Bullock was expected to get a player option on that deal in 2020-21, now the team’s not so sure he’ll be able to play a full season.

With the cap space freed up in a renegotiated Bullock deal, the Knicks have extended a one-year, $15 million deal to Morris (Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports). Morris, however, had previously agreed to a $20 million, two-year pact with the San Antonio Spurs.

While not unprecedented, Morris reneging on the Spurs commitment would certainly be atypical. It’s a decision that would grow even more unpopular given the hoops that San Antonio went through just to be able to extend their full mid-level exception to the 29-year-old former Celtic.

The Spurs unloaded 26-year-old stretch-four Davis Bertans in a trade with the Washington Wizards and renegotiated a contract with free agent DeMarre Carroll just to be able to afford Morris. If Morris signs with New York, San Antonio will have lost a rotation asset in Bertans and committed more years at a greater annual average value than they intended to for the 33-year-old Carroll.

Morris’ decision could come when the Knicks formally announce their new agreement with Bullock.