Five Teams Have Space For Late-Season Additions

by April 09, 2019
The Los Angeles Clippers

Update #1: Since the data for this breakdown was compiled, four players have been added to rosters. The Wizards have added Jordan McRae (story) and Tarik Phillip (story), the Clippers have claimed Rodney McGruder (story) and the Heat have signed Duncan Robinson (story). The Heat and Clippers still have one available roster spot apiece, as do the Thunder and Nets.

Time is running out for NBA teams to add players prior to the end of the regular season. A total of five franchises, three of them playoff-bound, could all bring at least one player aboard.

Any player signed in this way would be playoff eligible for their new team so long as they haven’t been waived by another team since the eligibility cut-off on March 1.

It’s worth nothing that clubs may sign players up until the last day of their own regular season. For four of the five teams, that means Wednesday, April 10. The Washington Wizards, however, play their final game of the year tonight.

Already today, the Celtics and Raptors fortified their rosters ahead of the postseason by signing Johnathan Gibson (story) and Eric Moreland (story), respectively.

For some teams, like the Raptors, even the addition of a player on a prorated minimum contracted could have disproportionately large tax implications. Front offices in those situations would need to weigh the importance of depth insurance in the postseason versus the financial burden.

Here’s a summary of all the teams that can still add bodies to their standard roster, whether that means bringing in an external free agent or converting one of their players on a two-way contract as the Heat did with Yante Maten earlier this week (story).

Brooklyn14/15Apr. 10NoYes
L.A. Clippers13/15Apr. 10NoYes
Miami13/15Apr. 10Possibly*Maybe
Oklahoma City14/15Apr. 10YesYes

**If Rodney McGruder is claimed off of waivers, the Heat will drop below the luxury tax mark. If he is not claimed, they’ll finish the season above it (story).

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