The 20 Best Sneaker Commercials 🍿

by January 02, 2019

More than anything else, compiling and arguing about lists—especially sneaker lists—is fun as hell. So let’s have some fun. 

KICKS 21 is “The List Issue.” These rankings put an end (or beginning) to every hot debate in the world of sneakers. 

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From Magic and Bird to AI and Jadakiss to MJ and Mars Blackmon, these are the 20 best sneaker commercials EVER. 

20. Nike Air Force 25: “The Second Coming”

19. Reebok S. Dot x Reebok G6: “Jay Z and 50 Cent Freestyle”

18. adidas: “The Brotherhood” 

17. Converse Weapon: “Rap Song” 

16. Converse Weapon: “Choose Your Weapon” 

15. Nike LeBron 11: “Training Day”

14. Nike LeBron 4: “Swimming Pool”

13. Nike Air Zoom Generation: “Chosen One” feat. Bernie Mac

12. Air Jordan XII: “Frozen Moment” 

11. Air Jordan XX: “Storytime” 

10. Air Jordan XXI: “Let Your Game Speak”

9. Nike Penny 1:”Lil Penny” feat. Tyra Banks

8. Nike LeBron 6: “Chalk”

7. Nike Hyperdunk: “Aston Martin”

6. Reebok A5 feat. Jadakiss

5. Nike Kobe System feat. Kanye West and many others

4. Jordan V: “It’s Gotta be the Shoes”

3. Nike: “Freestyle”

2. Converse “Grandmama”

1. Jordan I: “Banned”

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