Atlanta Hawks Roster Count: 2019 Training Camp

by September 10, 2019

After a wild NBA offseason, training camps are fast approaching. Teams around the league are scrambling to iron out their rosters and will have plenty of decisions to make before rosters condense at the start of the regular season.

Below is a list of the contract types the Atlanta Hawks have heading into training camp. This resource will be updated as players are signed and waived. Check back often to see if your team’s roster configuration has changed.

Atlanta Hawks

Total Roster Count20
Two-Way Deals2
Exhibit 10 Deals4
Guaranteed ContractsNon/Partial Guaranteed
Chandler ParsonsNone
Evan Turner
Allen CrabbeTwo-Way Contracts
De’Andre HunterCharlie Brown
Jabari ParkerBrandon Goodwin
Trae Young
Cam ReddishExhibit 10 Deals
Alex LenMarcus Derrickson
John CollinsRay Spalding
Kevin HuerterArmoni Brooks
DeAndre’ BembryTahjere McCall
Damian Jones
Vince Carter
Bruno Fernando

For a complete list of all the NBA teams and links to each team’s roster breakdown, check out our 2019 NBA Training Camp Index. Follow the curators of this database, Chris Crouse and Austin Kent, on Twitter.